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  • Hiro 88 Maple West Omaha Happy Hour
  • Hiro 88 Maple West Omaha Happy Hour
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HHIT - Happy Hour In Town

Hiro 88: West Maple 🍸 Omaha Happy Hour & Restaurant Info

Regular Happy Hours

  • Monday: 3pm-6:30pm
  • Tuesday: 3pm-6:30pm
  • Wednesday: 3pm-6:30pm
  • Thursday: 3pm-6:30pm
  • Friday: 3pm-6:30pm
  • Saturday: 3pm-6:00pm
  • Sunday: ALL Day! 11am-10pm

Reverse Happy Hours

  • Friday: 10pm-12pm
  • Saturday: 10pm-12pm

Special Notes - Limitations

  • Regular Happy Hour is Dine in only.
  • Reverse Happy Hour & Sunday ALL Day Happy Hour is Dine in & take out.

Cuisine Type / Restaurant Type

  • Pan-Asian (Multiple Asian Cuisines)
  • East Asian (Chinese)
  • East Asian (Japanese)
  • East Asian (Korean)

🔥 Dive into Omaha's flavor haven and experience the ultimate happy hour destination with Hiro 88 West Maple! With daily happy hour, plus reverse Hiro 88 happy hour Friday and Saturday, and All Day Sunday Happy Hour, plus a chic combination of sushi, Chinese, Japanese, and Asian Fusion cuisine, you'll feel like you've hit the jackpot 😊.

Happy Hour In Town 🍸 is the ultimate Omaha Happy Hour & Restaurant Guide. Featuring the best restaurants in Omaha and the best places to eat in Omaha, you can find the perfect spot for any occasion! 🤩

Hiro 88 Maple Omaha Happy Hour Highlights & Deals

Restaurant Address & Phone #

  • 3655 N 129th St, Omaha, NE 68164
  • 402.933.0091

Restaurant Price Guide

  • $$ = Moderately expensive, between $15-$30 per person, per meal - before tip and drinks

Last Update

  • 09/06/23