• Omaha Happy Hours

    Happy Hour/Reverse Happy Hour:


    TUE: None

    WED: None

    THU: None

    FRI: None

    SAT: None

    SUN: None

    Happy Hour Notes: 

  • Specials & Deals

    Specials: The Hunger Block does offer occasional specials. Follow them on Facebook to find what & when.

    : Nope

  • Omaha Takeout

    Takeout comfort food helps keep us a little sane in the membrane:

    Menu: Nothing Available

    Family Packs: Yes, they are within the online ordering portal.

    To-Go Alcohol: Of course!!

    Order Takeout:

    11036 Elm St, Omaha, NE 68144

HHIT Highlights:

Well … since The Hunger Block does not offer a happy hour .. no HHIT highlights.

  • Kristen W

    Fast service. Great food. Was a little pricey.

  • Debbie E

    Aside from getting smacked by the swinging kitchen door, this was a great meal. Great drinks. Big improvement from the first time I tried this place a few years ago (the ceviche had been very sour). 👍🏻

  • Kushal S

    Good food!