• Omaha Happy Hours

    Happy Hour/Reverse Happy Hour:

    MON: None

    TUE: None

    WED: None

    THU: None

    FRI: None

    SAT: None

    SUN: None

    Happy Hour Notes: None

  • Specials & Deals

    Specials: Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob does not offer specials as far as we can find.

    Deals: Doesn't look like it either.

  • Omaha Takeout

    Takeout comfort food helps keep us a little sane in the membrane:

    Menu: Extensive Menu Available

    Family Packs: Nada

    To-Go Alcohol: Nope

    Order Takeout:
    620 N 50th St, Omaha, NE 68132

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob Happy Hour Highlights Info Reviews

HHIT Highlights:

Nothing offered by Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob, but we will keep checking...

  • Murph

    I dream of their curry fries... So good!

  • Rachel F

    Quite literally my favorite restaurant of all time and I don’t even live in Nebraska.

  • Kenny G

    Best Falafel and pitas in the Omaha, area.

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