• Omaha Happy Hours

    Vino Mas Omaha Happy Hour/Reverse Happy Hour:

    MON: 3pm-6pm

    TUE: 3pm-6pm

    WED: 3pm-6pm

    THU: 3pm-6pm

    FRI: None

    SAT: 3pm-6pm

    SUN: Closed

    Happy Hour Notes: None

  • Specials & Deals

    Specials: Vino Mas Wine Bar offers Specials that are announced on Facebook.

    Join the Vino Mas Wine Club!

    Deals: Vino Mas Omaha offers wine tastings every Friday night from 5-7:30pm for $5.00 (fully refunded with purchase of 2 bottles for take home consumption) or FREE for Vino Mas wine club members.

  • Omaha Takeout

    Vino Mas takeout comfort wine and food helps keep us a little sane in the membrane:

    Menu: Wine, Cheese and charcuterie!

    Family Packs: Nope

    To-Go Alcohol: Yep

    Order Vino Mas Omaha Takeout:
    14450 Eagle Run Dr, Omaha, NE 68116

Vino Mas Omaha Wine Happy Hour Highlights Info Reviews

HHIT Highlights:

Not a lot offered by Vino Mas Omaha Happy Hour ... but we love these:

$1 Off a Glass of Wine
$1 Off the Snack Menu

  • Tim S

    Best wine store in Omaha. Hands down.

  • Tracy B

    Friendly atmosphere. Great selection of wines.

  • Mike T

    Nice setting and very friendly staff. Good prices.

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